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Mankessim is the traditional headquarters of the Fantse communities in Ghana.There are about two accounts about its migrational history. One account links Mankessim's history to the Ashanti kingdom and the other is about its independence and southwards migration to the present location.

     In the first account,Oral tradition has it that the Fantse were originally part of the great Ashanti kingdom when it extended as far as to Bono- Manso in the present Brong ahafo region.  The people seceded from the union and moved further south  from (Bono- Manso-present day Techiman in Brong Ahafo region) in search of fertile land for its growing population, good drinking water and to live in peace. "FANTSE" comes from two akan words "FA and ATSEW" meaning the half that seceded. It is said that the Fantse undertook great migration downsouth under three powerful leaders namely OBRUMANKOMA, ODAPAGYAN AND OSONO. Those three leaders were very strong and spiritually fortified. It is said that their names, signifies their might in the air, by land and under the sea. Proverbially and culturally, these leaders were seen as symbol of invincibility by the early Fantse communities.


     The other gives account of  the Fantse leaders leading their people to their present abode and helping to organize the community into a very strong one till the coming of the colonial powers and christian missionaries who manipulated and indoctrinated some of the chiefs and local leaders leading to the total collapse of the great Fantse Confederacy in 1885.


Today, Mankessim has monuments that are a living testimony to their rich history. The Obromu asafo company has the most centrally located and the main shrine that commemorates the history of Mankessim.


The Borbor Mfantse Festival is cerebrated by the Chiefs and people of the Mankessim Traditional Area in the second week of September every year. The festival symbolizes the suffering of all the Fantse’s who fought and migrated from Takyiman in the Brong Ahafo Region to Mankessim in the Central Region. It is also affords them the needed opportunity, customary and traditional remember and pay homage to their gallant leaders in the persons of; Obonumankoma, Odapagyan, Oson and who lead them to their present settlement. For the first time, about seven different Traditional Areas who migrated from Takyiman and settle in various parts of the country gathering at one traditional area (Mankessim) to celebrate Borbor Mfantse Festival together as one united family at Mankessim.

It is indeed a moment of families re-union, youth having fun games, people from far and close coming together to share our culture. During the festival period, citizens are educated and informed about the achievement s, developmental programs of government and the set goal of the community by the paramount chiefs and the elders of the community.

Mankessim festival
Mankessim festival

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